Virtual Final 2020

Super Connect for Good Virtual Final 2020

This took place on 17th November 2020 in Global Entrepreneurship Week UK:

Overview of Sessions

The agenda for the day was as follows:

  • Our 8 Regional Winners pitched to the audience and judges to be crowned the National Winner
  • 2 x Roundtable with 11 speakers including 4 national judges
  • Announcement of our 6 Industry Winners from our Industry Partners
  • Digital Exhibition of 8 Regional Winners  & 8 Partners
  • Post-Event Facilitated super connections via email for checked-in attendees


Our Regional Winner Pitches

The following 8 Regional Winners from across the UK and Ireland pitched at the Virtual Final which you can play below as they go head-to-head with live Q & A:

Kids Speech Labs is building the first remote, automated assessment of children’s speech and language skills. Our goal is to ensure that no child falls behind socially or educationally because of missed speech and language delays. The platform consists of interactive games that can reliably score children’s speech and language skills.
The Neatebox WelcoMe system utilises location aware technology on the modern smartphone and uses geo location to trigger specific messages to participating venues. A disabled person using WelcoMe triggers this notification when within a certain distance which provides staff with information on how best to serve their soon to arrive visitor.

TapSOS is a smartphone app for non-verbal contact with emergency services (999). Many people face barriers when engaging with 999 – physical, medical or situational. Confusion, panic and stress can break down communication causing life-threatening delays.


The innovative CanSense test provides an affordable healthcare solution to early-stage cancer detection using one simple blood sample, significantly reducing the high levels of cancer mortality.



We are pioneering an implanted electrotherapy device to treat brain tumours. Our internal electrotherapy device fits elegantly into the current treatment pathway and once implanted, it will deliver pain and side effect free treatment 24/7 directly to the site of the cancer cells. The entire device is completely implanted, with a small battery placed under the shoulder.


The My mhealth platform uses react native technology to deliver a range of digital therapeutics to patients with a range of health conditions. Their aim is to empower patients with the tools they need to self-manage more effectively. The platform includes condition-specific, NHS approved, Apps for people living with COPD, Asthma, Diabetes, Heart Disease and Covid-19.


IE Hub is a multi-award-winning web portal empowering the millions of UK people in financial difficulty to assess and share their affordability data. IE Hub delivers a seamless digital engagement with customers to self-assess and verify affordability. This can be used to establish affordable repayment plans, assign forbearance and identify financial vulnerabilities for a customer in financial difficulties. 

Beam is the world’s first platform to crowdfund employment training for homeless people and support them into skilled, long-term work. Help a homeless Londoner for the long-term. You help fund their training. We support them into a career. They get a bright new future.

You can watch all pitches with Q & A from the judges on the video below:

Roundtable Discussion Panels

The following two roundtable discussions took place involving 11 speakers:

National Winner 2020 Announcement

The announcement of our National Winner based on the judging session of the 8 Regional Winners can be seen below:

Announcement of our 6 Industry Winners

The announcement of our 7 Industry Winners announced by our Industry Partners from Microsoft for Startups to Leeds City Council that can be seen below:

The Digital Exhibition

We were joined by 24 exhibitors including our 8 Regional Winners who made their decks and pitch videos available and welcomed people to connect with them over video chat:

Pre-Register Your Interest in Super Connect for Good

If you would like to pre-register your interest in submitting an application, becoming a judge or partner, please fill in the form below: