Regional Winners

Our Regional Winners

We were truly overwhelmed with the support we have received for the competition so far with only 6 weeks to put it together between Empact Ventures and Hays. It was excellent to see the startup ecosystem working hard to make a positive social impact through technology in every area including healthcare, education, public services and more.

We’d like to thank our 50+ Regional Judges for volunteering their time and expertise to review the applications and decide on our 8 Regional Winners who will now go through to our National Virtual Final on 17th November 2020 to pitch to be crowned our National Winner.


Republic of Ireland


Winner (1st Place): Kids Speech Labs

Kids Speech Labs is building the first remote, automated assessment of children’s speech and language skills. Our goal is to ensure that no child falls behind socially or educationally because of missed speech and language delays. The platform consists of interactive games that can reliably score children’s speech and language skills.


2nd Place: Equal 1 Laboratories

Equal 1 Laboratories is an innovative start-up creating a paradigm shift in quantum computing. Quantum computing is a potential game-changer as the field promises an exponential increase in computing power which will enable breakthrough applications in areas as diverse as vaccine and drug discovery, climate modelling, protein folding modelling, financial services and artificial intelligence among others.


3rd Place: Trezeo

In a world where a large and growing proportion of the workforce don’t have access to the usual safety net provided through traditional employment, Trezeo’s mission is to deliver inclusive financial services for independent workers to equip them with the support needed to be their own boss.



Winner (1st Place): NeateBox

The Neatebox WelcoMe system utilises location aware technology on the modern smartphone and uses geo location to trigger specific messages to participating venues. A disabled person using WelcoMe triggers this notification when within a certain distance which provides staff with information on how best to serve their soon to arrive visitor.


2nd Place: IGS Ltd

IGS produces a vertical farm turnkey solution named Intelligent Growth. Their fully automated controlled environment agriculture solution embraces what they term as the 3 E’s: Environmentally Sustainable, Excellence in Quality and Economically Competitive. These principles mean their VF solution provides superior quality, yield and consistency for the produce one can grow in it.


3rd Place: Klik2Learn

With its focus on digital innovation, Klik2learn has a unique place in the English and vocational market. Their ambition to transform lives is being realised at a faster pace than ever due to the profound impact of Covid 19. Their software serves a social as well as an educational purpose by using technology to open up new opportunities in emerging economies.

Northern Ireland


Winner (1st Place): TapSOS

TapSOS is a smartphone app for non-verbal contact with emergency services (999). Many people face barriers when engaging with 999 – physical, medical or situational. Confusion, panic and stress can break down communication causing life-threatening delays.


2nd Place: See.Sense

See.Sense is a technology and data company helping to get more people using bikes, so that cities can reduce congestion, pollution and improve the health of their citizens. We have a B2C2B business model. Our award-winning B2C products include intelligent bike lights and GPS theft tracking devices that make cycling safer and improve the cycling experience.


3rd Place: Ethelcare

ETHEL is a large (16 inch screen) , Always-on, touchscreen device that is tailormade for people who have little or no digital experience. Once an ETHEL is in installed in a persons home (its Plug and Go), Staff and families can use their own Laptops, Tablets, smartphones for E-consults & ‘Virtual visits’ (video call), medication reminders with built in non-compliance alerts, event reminders, scheduled video exercises, one-touch ‘Call Me’ request feature, and photo and video sharing. It further has the vital signs monitoring feature, where patients can input range of vital signs either manually or via Bluetooth.

North of England


Winner (1st Place): QV Bioelectronics

We are pioneering an implanted electrotherapy device to treat brain tumours. Our internal electrotherapy device fits elegantly into the current treatment pathway and once implanted, it will deliver pain and side effect free treatment 24/7 directly to the site of the cancer cells. The entire device is completely implanted, with a small battery placed under the shoulder.


2nd Place: CurveBlock

Using cryptography in a centralised and compliant manner allows CurveBlock to finally place the construction industry and its lucrative returns to be owned by the public in a digitised and fractionalised manner, empowering the working class to be able to replicate how the wealthy and institutions constantly compound their capital within the worlds largest asset class.


3rd Place: Tootoot

Tootoot is the award-winning reporting app which enables children and young people to report a concern, such bullying or mental health concerns, directly to their school, college or university.

South of England


Winner (1st Place): MyMHealth 

The my mhealth platform uses react native technology to deliver a range of digital therapeutics to patients with a range of health conditions. Their aim is to empower patients with the tools they need to self-manage more effectively. The platform includes condition specific, NHS approved, Apps for people living with COPD, Asthma, Diabetes, Heart Disease and Covid-19.


2nd Place: Imployable

Imployable are a UK startup set to disrupt the recruitment and education market having created an app to allow people; no matter their age, background ability or disability, to manage their career and gain purposeful employment. The app is built to take the user on a journey of career coaching, industry insights and upskilling as well as matching an individual’s skills, experience and qualification (SEQ) to the live jobs market.


3rd Place: Local Treasures

Local Treasures uses a sophisticated AI to create flexible, frictionless work for older adults. They believe that work is good for you, especially as you age. Work keeps you fit and healthy, financially independent and socially included. Local Treasures is an AI matching engine which connects customer requests for help around their homes or in small businesses with a database of vetted, older adults who have a wide range of skills.

East of England


Winner (1st Place): IE HUB

IE Hub is a multi award-winning web portal empowering the millions of UK people in financial difficulty to assess and share their affordability data. IE Hub delivers a seamless digital engagement with customers to self-assess and verify affordability. This can be used to establish affordable repayment plans, assign forbearance and identify financial vulnerabilities for customer in financial difficulties. 


2nd Place: Happyr Health

The playful companion on a child’s Migraine Journey. They offer cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in a playful, engaging and personalized way to children with chronic pain, starting with childhood migraine. At Happyr Health, AI and safe and secure psychographic profiling are used for good.


3rd Place: Zevolv

Zevolv are building drop-box EV chargers which are charger agnostic (meaning they can be used by any electric car make or model, regardless of country of origin), that can be dropped anywhere without disruption – powered by renewable energy to power the charge. Aesthetically pleasing and affordable.

West (Wales & Midlands)


Winner (1st Place): CanSense

The innovative CanSense test provides an affordable healthcare solution to early stage cancer detection using one simple blood sample, significantly reducing the high levels of cancer mortality.


2nd Place: Alcuris

Alcuris’ Memohub® digital solution is a sensor based monitoring platform. It addresses the need of providing a new digital social alarm, combined with activity monitoring. The aim is to prolong the independence of older and vulnerable individuals.


3rd Place: The Big Media House / YOUR BusinessExpo

The principal technology is our easy2training platform for online learning. With this platform we work with subject matter experts, enabling them to deliver training either as 100% online modules or as part of a blended course.



Winner (1st Place): Beam 

Beam is the world’s first platform to crowdfund employment training for homeless people and support them into skilled, long-term work. Help a homeless Londoner for the long-term. You help fund their training. We support them into a career. They get a bright new future.


2nd Place: Miicare

MiiCare is transforming the way care is provided to elderly. We are giving them the freedom to live in their own home, safe, healthy and more connected. MiiCare’s developed IoT ambient assisted-living solution, which utilises wireless sensors and devices to monitor activities and vitals of older adults, and acts as a companion to address loneliness and keep them more connected to their families and friends.


3rd Place: Bold Health

Zemedy provides an at-hand, personalised, and set of proven behavioural-change and stress-reduction tools to enable self-treatment for individuals with IBS. The app leverages a scientifically proven CBT protocol developed at the University of Pennsylvania, which has also been successfully taken through an RCT in digital format of mobile app Zemedy.

Industry Winners Update: All applicants have been entered into the Industry Streams that they submitted with their application with our Industry Partners now judging those applications and the 6 Winners will be announced at the National Virtual Final in the areas of AI, EdTech, MedTech, HealthTech, Smart Cities & GovTech. Please register here to join us